Posted by: offmotorway | June 8, 2010

Blustons – Now a listed building

BlustonsBlustons, the wonderful subject of the first Hidden London film, is now a listed building, which is great news, as the unique shop front will be preserved.  Hopefully, some of the character will also remain.  The reasons for the listing are detailed as follows:

 “Blustons is listed at Grade II for the following principal reasons: * A rare survivor in London of an arcade shop front, a once common format, which is also notable for its size in proportion to the size of the shop floor; * A 1931 shop front in Vitrolite with three-dimensional lettering and extensive glazing which emulates the architect-designed shops of the period; * The mixture of Art Deco sunbursts, neo-classical mouldings, and Moderne materials evidences the emulation of different West End styles of the 1920s and 1930s, once typical of shops in suburban high streets.”

The Camden borough website has a brilliant description and history of the shop, and is well worth a read!


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