Posted by: offmotorway | August 24, 2010

Hendrix in Britain – Exhibition at the Handel House Museum

hendrix in britain

Hendrix in Britain at the Handel House Museum

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix enjoyed enormous success in the UK during the late sixties, making fans of the likes of Eric Clapton, Brian Epstein and the Beatles.  In 1968 he moved with girlfriend Kathy Etchingham into the top floor flat of 23 Brook Street in Mayfair.  This was coincidentally next to door the house lived in by classical composer George Frideric Handel for 36 years in the 18th century.

Hendrix’s flat is currently home to the administrive offices of the Handel House Museum at 25 Brook Street, which explains how it is that the Handel House Museum will tomorrow open their new exhibition Hendrix in Britain.

The show is composed of rarely seen exhibits, images and music, which trace his meteoric rise to fame in London and his lasting impact on rock music.  There also some tickets left for a tour of Hendrix’s appartment.

The museum is of course, also home to an extensive collection of Handel memorabilia, including letters and autographed and annotated music.  It is a lovely small museum and worth seeing alongside the Hendrix exhibition.


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