Posted by: offmotorway | September 8, 2010

The Oikos Project at the Jellyfish Theatre

Jellyfish Theatre

The Jellyfish Theatre

Southwark in south east London was once home to William Shakespeare and his plays are still performed there regularly in the Globe Theatre.   But there is now a new ground breaking theatre project happening just round the corner from the site of Shakespeare’s greatest triumphs.

Inside the Jellyfish Theatre

Inside the Jellyfish Theatre

The Jellyfish Theatre is part of the Oikos Project (pronounced ee-kos), a unique mix of public-made art, architecture and performance.  The theatre is a temporary structure made from recycled material and built by volunteers, it will stage two urgent and inspiring new plays written specially to be performed in this unique venue.  Both plays examine ways our society may adapt for survival as we face changes in our climate.


Oikos at the Jellyfish Theatre


Oikos by Simon Wu is showing 26 August – 18 September.

Protozoa by Kay Adshead is showing 23 September – 9 October.

You can book here.


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