Posted by: hiddenlondon | October 27, 2011

Top 5 Haunted London for Halloween

London has a reputation for being the most haunted capital in the world.  With so many old buildings and alleyways hiding centuries of secrets, there’s lots of places for the ghosts to hide.  So why not take a walk on the dark side this halloween with our top 5 of London’s most haunted places!

1.     The Tower of London

The capital’s, indeed the country’s, most haunted site.  Not surprising given some of the horrors that went on within these walls.  The most famous ghost is Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII’s wife who was beheaded here in 1536 and can now be seen gliding across Tower Green and within the Chapel Royal in the WhiteTower.  Over the winter, the Tower is running Twilight Tours which promise spooky stories and gruesome sights on selected evenings.

Tower Hill EC3

Twilight at the Tower of London

2.     Theatre Royal Drury Lane

London’s oldest and most haunted theatre, with several ghosts to its name!  The most famous is the ‘Man in Grey’, a young man dressed in a long riding cloak and a three cornered hat.  He is seen limping across the upper circle, but his appearances are auspicious as he only appears at the start of a successful run.  Currently showing ‘Shrek, the Musical’, which is possibly scary enough for some!

Catherine Street WC2 020 7494 5000  Drury Lane Theatre

3.     Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Situated on the edge of spooky Hampstead Heath, the Spaniard’s Inn was built in 1585. The notorious highwayman Dick Turpin was born here,  and local legend has it that he was a regular customer.  The Inn’s ghost is a shadowy horseman galloping across the deserted northern edge of the Heath and sightings have been reported since Turpin’s death in the late 1730’s.  These days the inn is a top spot for Sunday brunch!

Spaniards Road, NW3. 020 8731 6571  The Spaniards Inn

4.     Covent Garden Tube Station

Another theatrical ghost haunts this underground station.  A tall man in a grey suit, wearing tight trousers and Homburg hat is William Terris, a Victorian actor murdered outside the Adelphi Theatre in 1897.  Staff have sighted him many times and it is believed that he haunts this spot because it is built on the site of an old baker’s shop he liked to visit.

Covent Gardentube station WC2.  Piccadilly Line.

5.     Hampton Court Palace

Henry VIII’s wives are busy ghosts and Catherine Howard, wife number 5 was executed in 1542.  Many people have seen her running down the ‘Haunted Gallery’ here, face contorted in a terrifying scream. In 1999 two women on separate guided tours fainted at exactly the same spot in the Gallery. Both women later described feeling a ‘sudden chill’ and as if they had been ‘punched’ before passing out.  This winter you can ‘enjoy’ evening Ghost Tours every Friday and Sunday, beginning on Halloween itself this Sunday.

East Molesey KT8 9AU. 0870 752 7070

Ghostly Hampton Court Palace


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