Posted by: offmotorway | January 5, 2012

Get fit for London’s Olympic Year!

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a small thing called the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012.  It may have been impossible to get tickets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enter into the spirit of the thing and feel just that little bit smug when the whole shebang kicks off in July.

And no, that doesn’t mean joining a gym, never getting around to going, then being unable to get your deposit back.  Instead, try these ideas for getting fit in the great outdoors and seeing some of London’s great parkland and green spaces while you’re at it.

Boot Camps:  These will get you seriously fit and are run in most big parks in the city –

Fitpoints:  These outdoor fitness machines in Richmond are a great way to add an extra dimension to a walk or run.

Green   gyms:  Get fit and help the enviroment at the same time!  The idea behind these eco-gyms is that gardening and conservation work are the best kind of work out.

Regents Park:  the capital’s fitness centre, with playing fields, classes and running routes

Walks:  from a gentle stroll to an energetic hike, there are many groups organising walks around London, here’s a few of them –

Outdoor swimming pools:  Hampton Pool leads the way, but there are plenty of pools around the city

Royal parks half marathon:  once your fitness levels are up, why not get into training for this autumn event through 4 of London’s great parks


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