Posted by: hiddenlondon | February 20, 2012

Hidden London – Where is This?

Where is this?

This is the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel at Greenwich, a landmark for South London residents since 1902.  It was built to enable those living south of the river to go to work on the Isle of Dogs and is 1,217 feet long and about 50 feet deep.  The domed entrance above leads to a spiral staircase and a lift.  As the tunnel, which has a diameter of about 9 feet, is classed as a public highway, it is normally open 24 hours a day (although the lifts don’t run the whole time).

The tunnel is currently being refurbished, so is open daytimes only.



  1. I have never seen this. Next time I am in London I will look for it. We use the same theme. It is like looking at my blog.

    • I know, it’s always odd looking at a blog with the same theme! Greenwich is always worth a visit – it feels like the seaside!

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