Posted by: hiddenlondon | April 18, 2012

National Gardening Week in London

The Royal Horticultural Society has declared this to be the first National Gardening Week, giving us all the opportunity to get a little dirt under the fingernails.  But it’s also an excellent excuse to find out more about the many gardens and gardening themed places hidden amongst London’s mean city streets.

The Big Garden

Kew Gardens are home London’s world famous collection of living plants, scientific research, and more importantly for visitors, a gorgeous 121 hectares of gardens, hothouses and listed buildings to explore.

The Hidden Garden

Kensington Roof Garden

The Roof Gardens at Kensington High Street are an absolute wonder.  1.5 acres of prime roof space and 1.5m of soil, with 3 different garden areas to inspire and surprise.  The gardens are open to the public when a private event is not in progress.

The Museum

The Garden Museum was set up in 1977 to rescue an abandoned ancient church.  It now celebrates the history, design and art of gardens, with an impressive collection of objects and housing regular exhibitions and events, plus a lovley cafe.

The Garden for Health

The Chelsea Physic Garden is a Hidden London Gem, which explores how plants are used as medicine.  It is also an oasis of calm and beauty amidst the bustle of London.

The Guerilla

For a truly alternative view of London, check out long time Hidden London favourite, the Guerilla Gardener.  See how many of the Guerilla’s works you can find around London!

The Blog

Laetitia Maklouf

Follow garden writer Laetitia Maklouf as she transforms her own particular corner of London into a her dream garden.


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