Posted by: hiddenlondon | June 7, 2012

London Indian Film Festival

The 2012 London Indian Film Festival opens on 20th June and runs until 3rd July in various locations around the city, including the BFI, ICA and various cineworld cinemas.  As well as an opening night gala, there is an invitation for the audience to cross-dress for the screening of ‘Queens! Destiny of Dance’ at the BFI on 23rd June!  There’s a prize for the best outfit…

Queens! Destiny of Dance. There’s a prize for the best cross-dressing outfit!

Dekh Indian Circus. Screening at BFI and Watermans.

Tooting Broadway. A London-based film, set amongst the Sri Lankan Tamil community.



  1. What an exciting event. A visual feast of a rich and colorful culture, its music, its stories. I’m always drawn to the movies of diverse culture. There is always something new to learn and discover. Great post!

    • Yes, we’re very lucky here in London to be able to see a huge variety of world cinema!

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