Posted by: hiddenlondon | July 12, 2012

Olympic Exhibitions

As we warm up for the extravaganza that is the Olympics, there are a rash of exhibitions around town looking at various aspects of the games and their history.  Even if you’re not that interested in sport, there is much here to provoke thought.

The British Museum – an exhibition which includes medals from the 2012 games and the story of how they were made and combines this with Britain’s historical links to the modern olympics, including the 1850  ‘Olympian Games’ which took place in Much Wenlock in Shropshire.  Open now until 9th September.

The Royal Opera House – the Olympic Journey, The Story of the Games.  The Olympic story with artefacts, film, audio, medals and torches through the years.  Opens on 28th July to 12th August.

The Wiener Library – An exhibition re-examining the ‘Nazi Games’ of 1936, with propoganda, leaflets, photos and books.  The exhibition is accompanied by a series of talks.  Open now until 3rd October.


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