Posted by: hiddenlondon | February 6, 2015

Two Temple Place

2_Temple_Place_Event_Jack_Hardy_2014-170-300x200Two Temple Place was once the home of American businessman and politician, William Waldorf Astor.  Now home to a charitable trust, it opens its doors for only 3 months a year, with an annual exhibition of museum and art collections from outside London.  So until 19th April, you have the chance to view inside this neo-gothic gem, with its opulent rooms and ‘bizarre details’ (Donald Strachan).

William Waldorf Astor was also the owner of the Waldorf Hilton Hotel, who gained a peerage and became the 1st Viscount Astor.  Astor only left the US in 1891 following a family feud with an uncle and his wife, and later he attempted to escape press attention by faking his own death – a deception which didn’t last long.  As well as seeking a London home and office, Two Temple Place was designed to house Astor’s extensive collections, including works of art, books and musical instruments.

The current exhibition open to public view is Cotton to Gold, showing works from collections in the industrial North West of England – a show very much in tune with Viscount Astor’s original vision.

Cotton-to-Gold-_poster-211x300Cotton to Gold
Two Temple Place, WC2R 3BD
Now until 19th April, Admission free



  1. This is indeed one of the most interesting buildings in London. I must find time to go and see this exhibition.

    • It’s definitely worth a look, but don’t hang around as it’s only open for a few short months!

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